04 September 2008

How 'Bout You, Sideburns? You Want Some Of This Milk?

Here's how people buy milk in Kenya (maybe in other parts of Africa--I'm not really sure).
Since a majority of people don't have refrigerators, they buy milk for each day. (And even if you have a fridge, there's no guarantee about round-the-clock power).

Milk in envelopes...you cut open the corner and pour it out.We haven't been able to do it...I can't bring myself to drink milk out of a shipping package three days after it's been open and we lost power for a few hours each day. Call me crazy, but I can't mind-over-matter it.

Then, Steve found these beauties:I am much more comfortable drinking milk from a juice box. Single serving, or we can share it. We know it's fresh...we know it won't smell of the left-over cabbage that was left in the pot instead of being put in a Tupperware in the fridge...

Thank you, Science, for coming up with a better way for me to get my Calcium!

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Unknown said...

There was a time when my family consumed the powdered milk on a regular basis...
It wasn't so bad.
We were poor and didn't know better.