25 June 2008

I Love Chapati

Today, at lunch, someone asked what Kenyan food is like. I listed: chicken, grilled cheese, potatoes, vegetables...and chapati (which is a little like pita bread).
This began a musical lunchtime. The goal was to come up with songs that contained words easily substituted for the word chapati.

I had to write them down...it was so funny.

"Let's get chapati in here"

"So tonight we'll eat chapati like it's 1999"

"Ain't chapati like a west chapati 'cuz a west chapati don't stop"

"You gotta fight...for your right...chapati"

"Don't be so quick to walk away. I wanna rock chapati, please stay"

"Everybody...eat chapati...everybody...rock chapati right"

"It's chapati and I'll cry if I want to"

"Throw chapati of the month? Nah, chapati of the year"

"We like chapati. We like. We like chapati"

"If you want chapati and you think I'm sexy, come on baby let me know"

"Welcome to chapati where the players play"

"Chapati didn't start 'til I walked in"

"Business up front, chapati in the back"

and my favorite...

"Chapati is a wonderland"

How many of these songs can you actually recognize?


Julie Hibbard said...

I actually recognize most of them. You guys are SOO funny. I swear, your life at the church office could be a reality show. People LOVE this kind of stuff!

Ryan said...

I Kissed a Chipati
Viva la Chipati

Chipati's are amazing with rice and chicken!

Mama Oasis said...

I finally wandered over here to check out your blog....everytime I open the fridge...Africa reminds me! I just wanted to tell you that you blow me away. I can't wait to be in Kenya with you. Oh...by the way...WE are going to learn how to make our OWN Chapati. Check out my latest blog and you will see that I have special access to the most amazing Chapati chefs in Kitale!
See you on the other side of the world....Lydia

Alanna Moine said...

that was a fun lunch.

Unknown said...