12 May 2008

Send Me to the World

Rick and Kay Warren have been teaching a series called "Dangerous Surrender" in church. This weekend, Kay taught week 3: "Your World is Waiting". Within the next few days you should be able to listen to it here.
I was asked to sing "Send Me to the World" at the end of the message.
Seems pretty apropos, don't you think?

Send me to the hungry
Send me to the poor
I will go wherever
You would have me go

Send me to the broken
Send me to the lost
Let me be your servant
No matter what the cost

I surrender all
Every part of me
I surrender all to You
I surrender all
Use my hands and feet
Let my life bring glory to Your name
Send me to the world

Let my heart be broken
Let my soul be stirred
Fill me with compassion
Strengthened by Your Word
Jesus, take my offering
Jesus, use my all
Show me where You're moving
And I'll embrace the call

To care for the orphans
And comfort the dying
In time of need
To break chains of bondage
My eyes are wide open now
Jesus, send me

By the way, my friend Tony wrote the song

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