03 December 2015

Favorite Photos From This Week

I made another delivery yesterday, but have not had a chance to write about it yet since we had dinner with some dear friends during prime post-writing hours last night. 

Here, instead, is a collection of my favorite stand-alone photos from this week.

We passed Mama Mo walking home from the vegetable market...
just chatting away with Mama Zippee

So many smooches for my Suzie girl

We stopped by the school run by our friends at Elevation Center Church

I told the kids they could order chips and sodas, but all Frank wanted was chapati and milk

Here is Junior's favorite face these days

And sweet Quinta

And, come on! How cute is Gracie?!

This is the way Suzie and I get most things done. I answer emails, sew clothes, eat dinner, paint nails with her crouched on my lap. Even as I type this right now, she's leaned over my arms so far that I can't see the screen. (And every time she sees the picture of herself, she looks at me and kisses my cheek.) 

Just one more photo as proof of our constant close proximity. Dang, I love this kid.

I keep looking through my pictures and dreaming about putting together a small photo album for each of these kids. It will be quite the undertaking, but I am sure they will love them!

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