02 March 2015

About Today And The Next Twelve Days

Today was a full day, but we were not in a rush, which is always nice. We even had some time to have a cup of chai and hold the smaller kids at Precious Kids Center. 

After a really good lunch in town, (something other than chicken nuggets, for the first time in a week!) we picked up a few of the team members and took a trip over to the area called Kipsongo to see an old friend of ours named Peter. Peter's daughter, Trinah, lives at Precious Kids Center, so we took her with us to spend some time with her parents and brother.

When Sammy visits Kipsongo, she always calls her friend Patricia to walk around with her. Patricia lives in Kipsongo and seems to know everyone (pretty much...) so her presence offers a few things: it's a sign of trust, as if Patricia, on behalf of the community, is trusting Sammy's heart for children and medical knowledge (or honesty when she is at a loss.) This allows mothers to speak to Sammy more openly about their children who are sick, injured or disabled. Patricia's presence also offers a level of safety for Sammy, since this neighborhood has been known to get a little rowdy (often violent) at a moment's notice, it's nice to have someone who knows the people, speaks the language, and can help dissolve conflicts before they arise.

Today, during the visit, Patricia made mention to Sammy of some 'nighttime happenings' in town that have led Sammy and I to believe this could be the starting place for the discussions on human trafficking (or whatever the local term may be) here in Kitale.

Which is why I'm writing tonight.

For months I have been hoping that I would come to Kenya and God would reveal this grand plan: "Ninety steps to ending human trafficking!" and, over this last month, all I have been hearing God say is, "No need for a five-year plan. Take it one step at a time. Just do the next right thing you know you ought to do."And that, for me, was to extend my stay by a few weeks.

I extended my stay, not just because I love Kitale, (which I do) but also because I felt like I hadn't really accomplished what I'd hoped to as far as information on trafficking issues here in town (or even in the country.) I knew that I would go home wondering, 'if I'd just met with _______ or if I'd asked more questions of ________ would I have found something more?' Things just felt unfinished. (And, I knew it would be cheaper to extend this trip than to try to plan another...)

All this to say. Would you please be praying? With me--for me--about what these next twelve(ish) days will hold?

Please be praying that God would bring the right people across my path--that I would feel it even as they approach--that I might hear stories of instances of trafficking here in Kenya. (Not that I want trafficking to be an issue, but if it is, I want to know how we can begin to take action to bring freedom and safety to those who are enslaved.)

Please pray that I would be faithful to seek out--and take--the next right step and not get ahead of myself as I am prone to do

Please pray that I would feel peace, in my heart and in my mind, about what is accomplished on this trip. That I would be faithful with the time I have and with the relationships placed in my path...and that I need not worry about anything else.

Thank you for your comments (here, on Facebook, on Instagram). For your emails and text messages...I have felt so supported. So loved and cared for--cared about. Thank you, in advance, for prayerfully joining me in the next twelve days of this adventure!

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Julie Hibbard said...

I am praying for you, loving you, thinking of you and HOPING for you. Looking forward to hearing about your oyster-filled world.