23 June 2011

HSM Kenya 2011 Prayer Itinerary* | June 26-July 10

DAYS 1 & 2 (Sunday, June 26 & Monday, June 27):

Travel (LA to London, London to Nairobi)

Pray for safe travel. Pray for health. For rest. For emotional and mental preparation.

DAY 3 (Tuesday, June 28):

Arrive in Nairobi. Meet our Kenyan team members.

Team time. Visit the Teens program at Mavuno.

Pray that our bodies and minds would be energized and ready to jump in. Pray for ease and comfort with our new team members. Pray for guards to be let down, for nerves to be set aside…for our two teams to be united as one…quickly.

DAY 4 (Wednesday, June 29):

Primary School project.

Pray for the hearts of our team members as they enter in to their first experience of a slum. Pray that we are able to show God’s love through games, laughter, and connection. Pray that we would be intentional about learning names and stories, not simply taking photos with kids.

DAY 5 (Thursday, June 30):

Visit to Boys/Girls Mavuno organizations

Pray that our team would be participants and not allow fears to keep us from engaging. Pray that we would be open to hearing God’s voice. Pray that we would have prayerful hearts as we interact with the people.

DAY 6 (Friday, July 1):

Visits to two Mavuno Organizations

Pray for moments of silence and stillness in which our team can speak to God and listen to His voice. Pray for clear minds that are able to articulate what they are thinking and feeling. Pray for the team to receive and hold the emotions of one another gently and with humility.

DAY 7 (Saturday, July 2):

Nairobi Game Drive & High School visit

Pray for this morning off to be refreshing. Pray that our hours of experiencing God’s creation and beauty would be time that our hearts and minds are at rest. Pray for our evening at the secondary school. Pray for God to move. Pray for lives to be changed. Pray for the leaders today—as they try to balance listening to what God is teaching them and helping students hear from God, too.

DAY 8 (Sunday, July 3):

Mavuno services & Travel to Kitale

Pray for our hearts to celebrate God at church this morning. Pray that we would be reminded of how big God is, but also how close God is. Pray that we would be able to share all that God has done in and through our team so far. Pray for rest on the long van ride. Pray that we might listen to God’s voice as we sit for hours.

DAY 9 (Monday, July 4):

Oasis of Hope, Shimo Slums & Blanket drop

Pray for our first day in a new town. Pray that as we spend our morning with street kids, that God’s love would be evident to each child we come in contact with. Pray that as we visit homes in the slums that we would see where God is at work. That we would pray, with faith, for God’s protection and provision. Pray that as we place blankets on sleeping street kids, that we would pray for their safety, their health, for them to know God’s love. And, pray that we would turn to God as our hearts are broken for what we experience.

Day 10 (Tuesday, July 5):

Oasis Day 2 & Gilgal Secondary

Pray for our hearts as we see many of the children who received blankets. Pray that we might have moments to explain how much God loves them. Pray for moments of laughter, of play, of true—safe—childhood for the children we are with. Pray that as we visit the Secondary school, God might remind us that teenagers are the same all over the world.

DAY 11 (Wednesday, July 6):

Visit IDP Camp

Pray that we might have renewed energy and excitement as we enter the final few days of the trip. Pray for team unity and peace as emotions are high and patience gets thinner. Pray for the people of the Displaced Persons Camp. Pray that we might be a reminder of God’s love and peace and provision.

DAY 12 (Thursday, July 7):

Mobile Medical Clinic

Pray for lots of patients to show up to the clinic. Pray that we would be watching and helping in the midst of a crowd of people. Pray that our eyes would be open as we watch the gentle care of the doctors and nurses. Pray that our faces would be filled with love and hope…with God’s love and hope.

DAY 13: (Friday, July 8):

Travel to Nairobi & Debrief night

Pray for our travel back to Nairobi. Pray that God would be at work in our hearts and minds in those hours of silence. Pray for rest. Pray that we would begin to process all that we’ve seen, learned and heard over the week; that we might be able to articulate it and prepare to return home to share with our families and friends.

DAYS 14 & 15 (Saturday, July 9 and Sunday, July 10):

Team Time, Debrief & Depart NBO 11:45pm

Pray for our final day to be one of laughter and rejoicing in new friendships. Pray for our hearts that will feel broken as we leave our new team members. Pray for safe travel. For health. For our reentry in to America. Pray that we would be (even somewhat) prepared to try to explain all that we’ve experienced to those who supported us from home.

* Please keep in mind that we are entering in to the trip with hopes that this is our set schedule, but as we are guests of another church, we will be flexible with each day’s agenda.

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