03 July 2010

Kenya Feel The Love Tonight?

We had a very late start this morning...some bus confusion led to a drastic change in plans, and ended-up as a really great day.

The goodbye tears began this morning (at least for me). I was explaining the plan for tomorrow and said, "Then we'll say goodbyes" and lost it. I think I cried at least a dozen times today. (My eyes are stinging still.)

We began the day at the Masai Market. I'm not entirely sure I can clearly articulate that experience. It was unlike anything I've ever encountered--including the overwhelming vegetable men outside of Transmatt--and that's saying something. (Sorry for those of you who've missed Kitale blogs and don't get the joke!) Our students spent way too much money on souvenirs for friends and I purchased two machetes (because one really isn't enough) and an ostrich made out of bottle caps (because that's something every home is lacking!) I wish I would have brought my camera in, but at the same time--wow! it was already a little too crazy to worry about watching one more thing.

Post-Market, we had lunch at the Java House (which is my favorite restaurant in Nairobi) and then headed home for a few hours of packing and free time before dinner.

Here are a few of my favorites from today:

Dida wore this headset all day as he listened to my iPod
BP then declared that Dida would respond with "Roger that!" for the rest of the day.Lots of work and lots of play make for great bus ride games of "sleep basketball."
Eric, Matt and Preston
Some were even crazy enough to swim...it was freezing!
Dida and Moreen
Matt recorded a few more stories:
Watch the video blogs here
Moreen dropped her apple in the pool, but continued to eat it.
Based on the gagging, I'm assuming it was not delicious.
Dida and Ryanne showed up to dinner in (unplanned) matching outfits
Waiting for the meeting and we thought we'd test to see if the skin above your knee is virtually pain-free...turns out, they are! (same goes for elbow skin.)

Dang I love these students.
I laughed so much this week.
I learned so much this week.
I fell in love with some more Kenyans this week.

Can't wait for more!!

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Julie Hibbard said...

So fun so special so wonderful! I am not sure where you got such a propensity to tears...I'm crying just READING about your experiences!
Love you