18 July 2010

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye...

On Saturday morning, the Saddleback team sponsored a health clinic run by Sister Freda and her staff. I've been to a few Freda clinics on previous trips, so I jumped at the chance to be a part of this one, too.

The group walked down to Shimo La Tewa Secondary School at around 10 o'clock on Saturday morning. Along the way, Bre and I stopped to invite the Oasis House girls to join us...and then we met-up with some Oasis Centre kids that were walking to the clinic.

Bre, Jennifer (Ichuro) and her baby brother, Chris (named for Chris Wohlers)
Here is another sister from the same family: Celinah (Ekiru)...she and Jennifer traded the responsibility for baby Chris all day
Lucy and Erika brought baby Peter to the clinic too. Peter is almost 3-years old and still looks like an infant because he is so malnourished. Chris repeatedly says that Peter looks younger every time he sees him. Throughout the week, Chris and Matt had been discussing how to get Peter to eat PlumpyNut twice a day for a few months so he could begin to grow and develop at the normal rate. The issue is whether Peter's mother would sell the supply or eat it herself, leaving Peter in his current predicament. The very least we could do was give him a packet at the clinic on Saturday. I wish I had a video of him eating it. (It's really tasty.) He ate all of it and was sticking his little fingers in to get more. I opened it up and he licked the entire packet clean.

Sweet Peter. I'm praying that Chris and Geoffrey can figure out a way around Peter's mother to help him get well.

I left the clinic early...despite how much I love clinics, this was my last day in Kitale, which meant I had to say goodbye to the House Boys. (My least favorite part of the trip!)

The boys knew I was coming over after school (Class 7 & 8 students have school from 7-1ish on Saturdays), but only a few were around when I arrived.

Moses, Steward, Patrick and I grabbed my computer and a few blankets and headed outside to look at pictures (old and new) from my trips to Kitale. We retold stories and laughed about so many of the things we've done together. Even Patrick, who was quiet for most of the afternoon, said, "Remember, at the coffee shop, when all of those glasses broke?!"
The boys grew restless after an hour or so. Patrick got up and went inside (and then came back out and caught a bird)...Moses, Steward and I took some pictures out on the lawn.
Steward, Moses, Patrick
Moses and Steward

We came back inside and the boys asked if I had any TV shows on my computer. We found Heroes Season 3 and I turned on the first episode. As they watched, the rest of the boys came home from their football game...they said a quick "hello" to me, but raced toward the computer screen.

And that was the end of our night together. They watched three more episodes as Paul, Patrick and I made chapati and green grams for 12 people.
Moses came in toward the end and said, "I know you are very sad that we spent your last night watching this TV show...I know that me and Steward started it...don't be sad with us." I, of course, started to cry. I hate saying goodbye to these boys. I hate saying goodbye to Kitale.

We sat in the kitchen, as I ate (quickly, since Dan and Geoffrey were waiting outside) and cried.
I packed up my stuff, kissed each boy goodbye and jumped in the taxi...and silently cried most of the way home.

Once we were inside the gate, it was time to say goodbye to Geoffrey...which was equally as difficult as saying goodbye to those boys. Thankfully, Geoffrey has said goodbye to Lydia enough to be understanding in the midst of ridiculous amounts of tears. I said goodbye (very quickly) and ran inside...only to find a living room filled with people.

I pulled it together (as I ate a few bites of home-made red velvet cake) and packed my suitcase for the trip home. As I moved my tub (filled with stuff that stays in Kitale) back in to the hall closet, I realized there might be some items in the tub that could be valuable for the rest of the summer. So we pulled them out.

Here's Brittany in my great helmet
And Matt in my Kitale Forest school uniform...

Matt says he has a plan for this uniform and agreed to put it back in the tub once he's done with it. I can't wait to see what happens. (He also sat down in the chair and said, "Girls sit like this...I've seen girls sit like this!")
Bre, Brittany and Brea
Melissa and Sarah
We finished off the night with a really fun game: Telephone Pictionary. We laughed and laughed (I laughed too loud and was shushed by Matt). Oh, and I did a little more jumping since the girls thought it was so hilarious.

I can't believe how quickly I grew to enjoy the team...and how much I already miss being a part of that day-to-day house routine. (I'm also super jealous that Matt, Chris and Bre have another entire month together...)


Julie Hibbard said...

I love your heart...
you're incredibly amazing.
Wish you could be there all the time. ...Can't wait to see what it is that God has for your future.

Sarah Jane said...

I'm new to blogger and God just navigated me to this post which is AMAZING because I see you writing about clinics AND you are in AFRICA! Oh my heart is so excited, my dream is to become a RN and travel to 3rd world countries ... mainly Africa. Oh I need to read more of your blog to see what the journey is that you're on! I don't even know how to follow you but I want to keep in touch with whatever you're doing! I am so passionate about missionaries and kids ah!! My mind is in shambles I'm so excited, haha. Will surely be catching and keeping up with your posts! God bless your soul!