28 October 2009

Oh, Mercy, Mercy Me...

On Friday, we visited Discover to Recover again. It was a little bit overwhelming during our first visit {almost 200 small children who are so excited that we're there and so starved for attention and appropriate touch}, so I've been hesitant to take Bre and Jordan back.

I am SO glad that we went during lunch on Friday...turns out, that is the perfect time for a visit!

I love these little facesGitheri {beans and maize} for lunch

I kept asking the kids to 'eat' {instead of posing for 20 pictures}, this kid thought I meant "please eat for the camera"

I giggled when I saw this picture...I think she looks like the dramatic chipmunk

If I had to choose two kids to bring home with me, I would choose Mercy
And Benja
We've decided to make Friday lunchtime our routine visit to Discover to Recover.
I could carry Benja around with me all day...he's that cute.

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Julie Hibbard said...

First off...Mercy Me is one of my favorite songs...
Secondly, the Dramatic Chipmunk is hilarious and she DOES look like that!
Lastly, oh sweet Benja! Does he love having you there? He is beautiful.
SO happy that you are with the people you love...and who love YOU so much!