14 August 2009

Home Is Where The Heart Is

6 weeks.
That's all the time God is giving me in Kenya this year.

I thought it would be four months.
I had hoped it would be at least that.

I can't stop thinking about life in Kitale...about the smiles and laughter, the voices, the singing...
I'd gladly sit through a long, hot Oasis Church service if it meant I could hold the Shimo girls on my lap...or be greeted by the House kids.

I'd even walk a cow to Kibomet, if I could squeeze Benja's little fat face when I arrived.

I completely and totally trust God's plan, His timing. I know that He is good.
I'm even looking forward to the next steps in California life...

But I am grieving the loss of my "promised time" in Kitale.
And I'm already feeling the pain of saying goodbye just a little too early.


Julie Hibbard said...

Gosh I love you

Rondell said...

How'd you get to the Motherland and all I could do was get to Canada? Any advice is greatly appreciated.