01 December 2008

Sundays, You Gotta Dance...

Yesterday, Daina and I began our day at Oasis church. We sat, as usual, in the front row covered with kids...squished in the hot room...not understanding the message in Swahili, but loving the singing and dancing. There are few things I love more than listening to almost 100 kids singing "Hakuna munguu cama wewe" (there is no God like You). It's my favorite.Some people had my camera for a while, so I was surprised to find these beauties:
I have no idea who this man is...

After church, Moses and Steward decided to walk us home...and Daina and I thought it would be a fun surprise to stop for chicken and fries on the way.
So, we took the boys to lunch. They ate, and ate, and ate...

When the bill came, each boy wanted to know the total. So, we played a little guessing game: if they could look at the menu and add up the correct total, I would buy them ice cream. Moses really wanted to win that ice cream...I told him 3 tries after he guess once. He told me he needed an extra because I didn't tell him that at the beginning. He finally guessed it and then wanted to make sure that he got ice cream, but Steward didn't because he had done all of the work and Steward didn't deserve an unearned prize. Of course, they each got something...

We walked home and Steward told me to stop saying hello to everyone we passed. The boys sat on our patio for hours, listening to music and looking through the pictures on our blogs. After a while, I asked if they would like to write an email to Mom (Lydia). Moses sat for at least an hour typing one letter at a time, asking tons of questions like: "How long did it take you learn to type? How do I make a capital letter? How do I make the comma that is up in the air between this n and s? How do I rub (erase) this word?"

After a long, long time, here's the final email:
hi mom,
its my first time to email and i am so glad to do these. i wanted to say here in Kenya we are very happy or let me say we are healthy, we have more fan with Allison, Tina & Chris in fact today after church we had lunch & now we are having fan I want to say thank you so much for the thing that were stolen. we have got another new one's
muchas gracias
I will write more another time
life is precious and an opportunity for you to make every moment count
yours bla bla blaa

Cute, right? I know...I love that kid.
So I sent it to Lydia, and she, of course, responded to the boys with a long email...she's the greatest...

When the boys left, we ate some dinner, watched a movie and I even got to talk to my mom for a few minutes...

I love Kitale. I love Sundays in Kitale. I love hanging with the Oasis kids on Sundays in Kitale.


Ryanne said...

Oh my gosh! So CUTE! I could totally hear their voices asking the questions about the keyboard when writing the email. Love it!

Mama Oasis said...

Al...Thanks for the pic...it is exactly how it looked in my mind when you wrote me about it.

I am sure Steward was busy offering suggestions!

blah, blah, blah....that's for Moses!

Julie Hibbard said...

My favorite song is "Jesus is the WEENA"...LOVE it!
I say hello to everyone I pass and Shadi always tells me to stop!
Muchos Gracias and Aidios is absolutely hilarious!
So fun to talk to you!!
Love you!
chicken and fries is what we ate in Paris too, remember? It's the only thing I know how to say in French!