05 December 2008

It's Friday, I'm In Love

Today was graduation day at Discover to Recover. The kids were all dressed up and parents were there to celebrate. Meshack, the little boy we took to Sister Freda's last week, was first in his class. And so was the little girl on the left of this picture: Mary. The girl on my right is also Mary...they are two of my favorites from the center.
So is this boy, obviously...
And this one, Derrick.
We arrived at the center to a surprise: there was a documentary team from Mariner's church shooting footage of the ceremony. They will be telling the story of Patricia (the woman who runs the center). It was great to see Beth Turton and her friends here loving on kids and preparing to share this place with the world.
Here's Sellah, the care taker of the centre...the kids LOVE her!
We came home and relaxed for a bit: made lunch, talked to Steve, laid on the couch...Geoffrey just arrived for a quick visit before we all head off to dinner the girl's house for dinner...More pictures to come, I'm sure.

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