05 December 2008

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Our Friday night routine brought us to the Girl's House this week. It was a fun change to have Geoffrey and Steve with us, though the girl's didn't perform (rapping, dancing, robot-ing) much around them. I'm not sure why since Steve wasted no time turning the girls upside down to walk on the ceiling...
But I guess I can't really talk since, five minutes after we arrived, I jumped off a pile of bricks using a bamboo stick like a pole-vault (after I'd seen two of the girls, Chris and Andrew land successfully) and not only looked stupid in the air, but also landed and couldn't catch myself so I fell, scraping my foot and knee. Yep, I can stay on a skateboard when some break their ankles, but I can't jump off of a three-foot pile of bricks.

The rest of the night was pretty much normal...nothing too eventful, just a photo shoot:

Steve and Centrine
Beautiful Ajikon (Ajix)
I fed Rael a giant spoonful of cooking fat (okay, not really)
Our little dinner group
Janet, Andrew and Ajix
The whole group:There are, of course, a few hundred pictures from the night...and there is no internet in Kitale strong enough to post more than these...at least not right now...Maybe I'll do a "best of" when I come home and have access to hi-speed internet...oh, hi-speed internet: I do miss you.

Ah, I almost forgot! The car was so full that we had to double-stack for the very short ride...here's the backseat...