29 November 2008

House 3 Is What I Got

We love having dinner at house 3. These boys are so fun...and so kind...okay, so are the other boys (and the girls)...but this house...for some reason, it's just a little more mellow (maybe that was because Isaya--the youngest and craziest--had malaria this week).

Chris with (l to r): Esokon, "DJ Wiki", and John
They borrowed some of the house dad's money to take this picture
John getting a lesson in armpit farting (sorry Lydia)
One of the few photos of the three of us
During dinner we talked and laughed...and then went back and forth making puns on Esokon's name. It's pronounced (Ess-oh-cone). A few of my favorites were: Eso-icecream-kon, Eso-traffic-cone, E-snow-kon, Esokon-eyisland...

After dinner Isaya and I sat on the couch and took some ridiculous photos...

Then Daina joined in
Then Pato and Esokon wanted in on the fun...
Then John had to see what all the laughter was about

Forgot to zoom out first...
Then I became the photographer...and Daina put on some amazing glasses.
EsokonEasily one of my favorite pictures of Chris

What a great end to a chaotic and amazing week...and the beginning to a chaotic, but great weekend.

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