22 October 2008

Ron Edwards...This Post Is For You

The other night--maybe two weeks ago now--I noticed what looked like a leaf hanging over the door in the living room.
A few nights later, I noticed it was not a leaf, but a cocoon.
Then, the next day, it had moved from above the door to the middle of the ceiling.When we came home that afternoon, it had disappeared.
I'm not sure if Mary or Ayub knocked it down, or if it moved through chrysalis-stage at rapid speed. Either way, I was really excited to show you these pictures.

THEN, today, in town we saw this giant bird.
Here's the tree in the median.Can you see the bird on top? It's huge!Here's the bird.It was giant...and preening itself...but when I went to take a picture, it looked right at me...and it's face looked like it had third-degree burns all over it...Seriously, it was so cool.


Mama Oasis said...

Watch out for those birds! They are a kind of Stork (maybe Malabar Stork... I can't remember) and years ago, Geoffrey told me that if they poo in your eye that you will go blind! He also told me that their meat is poisonous and that if you eat it...you will die.

Ask him again...not sure if it is another of those Kenyan superstitions..but, I don't think so.

Maybe the third degree burns happened when one of his other stork friends pooped on his head!

just a thought....

Ron said...

it looks like a marabou stork. they can get pretty big for a bird. they are scavengers, like vultures. they don't have any feathers or hair on their heads cause they're always sticking them into bellies of dead animals and eating.