22 October 2008

I Guava You...Che Guavara...A-Guava Kedavra...Guava Nagela

This afternoon, because of the rain, we opted out of Gilgal. (Daina changed her mind and headed over for a few hours)...Chris cleaned his room and I checked email and loaded photos (you know, productive stuff).

At some point, Chris went outside to get his laundry...when he came back in, he said, "Did you see all of those kids in the guava tree?"

So, we went out to talk to them...it was a group of Oasis kids that live in Shimo La Tewa (the neighborhood after ours). They pass our house on the way home from school...When I went out and yelled, "Hey!" the girls jumped out of the tree and ran over to hug me...I love that!

Ayub said there are too many guava on the tree for us to eat, so when they are ripe, he lets these kids come in and take what they can carry. Each of the kids had spread a shirt or jacket on the ground and was stacking the fruits inside to carry home in a make-shift satchel.

Chris had the great idea to bring out a few bags so they could carry so many more. He also, thankfully, brought out a camera.

How can you not love these little faces?
Ayo (I'm not sure this is his name, but when we asked, it sound like he said, "I-O"...)


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Mama Oasis said...

I had to crack up when I saw you call Shimo La Tewa a "neighborhood"! Even Kenyans call it a slum!

I guess you guys have been there so long that even raw sewage running down the center of the road doesn't shock you any more.

Or...is it that you haven't visited Shimo in all of it's beauty yet? Why don't you have Geoffrey take you on a few family visits?