06 September 2008

Here Are A Few Reasons I'm Glad Chris Lives In Kitale

1. The other day I said, "The Internet is moving at a glacial pace." His response: "Well, it must be going pretty quickly then...because with global warming, the glaciers are all melting."

2. Just now, I was eating a cookie and I sang, "You are so delicious, I want to have your babies." He picked up a cookie and continued the song, "You’re a cookie, I’m a man…we can’t do this."

3. This blog post.

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Julie Hibbard said...

He is INDEED one funny guy! I am SO glad he's there with you and that I got to meet him and enjoy his quick wit and humor! (I'm remembering specifically the race to come up with puns while on safari that day!)
I love his post about living with the girls.
This trip will NO DOUBT being one of the best, deepest and most meaningful experiences of your lives.
So glad you have each other to laugh with along the way.