02 September 2008

For Lack Of A Better Title...

Today was a fairly normal day for us..."normal" in the sense that we live in Kenya.
It was the 4th anniversary of Oasis of Hope...I can't even explain how much I love this place.

Instead, I thought I would share some of my favorite photos...

It's rainy season here...and it rains every afternoon around 3 o'clock. We pulled up to our house around that time...and, of course, it was pouring...Chris jumped out to open the gate and grabbed the umbrella. Then, the umbrella broke, so he just ran out in the rain to let us in. Funny.

We just finished an Abstinence Bible study with the boys and girls from the Oasis homes. In the end, they gave each kid a silver ring. Carol and Chris took a photo-shoot with the ring...I played director for a few minutes, but couldn't stop laughing. This one is my favorite.

I love to laugh. I love Elvis. This picture displays both...

Cute Steward...how can you not just love how much he is loving this spinny-swing?!

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