11 August 2008

Oasis of Hope

Today was the first day we were really on our own doing ministry.
We walked to Oasis of Hope...and jumped right in.

Chris and I helped the 6th graders with their math (fractions, multiplication trees).
After break, we split up and I taught English to the 6th graders...We worked on words ending with 'ue' (due, continue, glue). I copied the sentences out of their workbook and then wandered around to help define the words ("If I were pregnant, I would say my baby is due in October"--then I had to explain that I'm not actually pregnant) and find the answers.
Chris taught 3rd and 4th graders to divide.
He wrote three problems on the board, helped them solve and then had them come up front and solve the problems...and they really got it.
Andrea taught the baby class to add and subtract.
Caroline taught the baby class to write their letters.
Daina apparently needed to learn some division from Chris...
It was such a great morning.

After school, we went to town to go to the bank and grab some snacks for lunch. We ran in to about a dozen people we knew...there are few things that make us feel more like residents of Kitale...

Because, I live in Kitale...crazy, right?


Julie Hibbard said...

Yeah!! I love that you were there and teaching those kids!! How GREAT!! I am so happy for you guys and OH SO happy for those kids! They must have loved having you there so much!!
So glad to see that Daina HAS indeed arrived!!!

The Maguires said...

Oh, I LOVED catching up and realize how much i miss you! Everything looks like its going great, that makes me so happy! If you need any ideas for teaching, I did teach 2nd grade for awhile, anything beyond that level is out of my brain power. Miss you.

Anonymous said...
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