24 August 2008

I Don't Believe That Anybody Feels The Way I Do About You Now...

Since the once street-children of Oasis of Hope aren't completely sure when their birthdays are, Lydia and Geoffrey throw them one HUGE birthday party each year.

Yesterday, we got to be a part of it. It was, hands-down, my favorite day since we've been here.

The boys loved these party toys.
Talk about a big party...seriously...Lydia is saying "Happy Birthday" and then we prayed for lunch.
Four or five people cooked for hours to make all of this food...check out the large amount of chapati!
We sat on Lydia's back porch, eating food...then we headed to the grass to play some games.
This is our friend Davis...He ALWAYS has that big smile on his face.
A few of my favorites: Johnstone, Bramweal and Edwin
Geoffrey and Joseph
Lydia yelled at me and Evans for fighting in the house.
This is my friend Paul...we hung out inside...and then...
oh, yes, that's me playing soccer...no joke
Lydia wasn't expecting so many people at the party...to keep them busy, she started this T-Shirt craft...Megan and I cut the letters, the kids picked them out, Caroline ironed them on...we sang Shakira (cute Lydia sings "I'll be there and you'll be here and that's okay my dear"...she said, "This is our song...since I have to leave all the time) while making them...so fun!
I'm a bad influence...but everyone laughed

Joseph and Evans
Cute Evans
These boys love to take pictures...
"Ida" know what I'm doing in this picture
With a houseful of people, the only way to do all of the dishes is in Rubbermaid tubs in the front yard...awesome.

I hope to spend every day with kids like this...I just love, love, love them.
Tomorrow we'll see them in the morning!


neely said...

looks like a fun day...wish I was there!

Julie Hibbard said...

sing with me...
We love Chipati, we love, we love chipati...

Chipati is a wonderland...

so so so fun!! Chipati party, birthday party...YOU playing soccer (no heels on this time!)
LOVE all the pictures. Those kids love you so much!
Is Megan staying now? Yeah!

Unknown said...

I gope you are having an awesome time!! Love the posts!